Sale Info

Sale Info

What to expect when purchasing a donkey from us:

We are professional breeders with 18 years of mini donkey experience.  We love our donkeys, breed responsibly, and take great care to keep our donkeys safe, healthy, and happy.  Our donkeys are smaller than the average miniature donkey, so it’s important we find good homes for them that will understand a micro mini’s limitations (not to be used for riding or as guard animals, etc), and if using them for breeding purposes, will breed responsibly.  We also want to ensure their new home will provide them with the necessary food, shelter, health and hoof care, plus a safe and loving environment.

All our donkeys are imprinted at birth and handled daily to ensure they are socialized and well mannered.  Foals are not weaned from their mothers until at least 5-6 months of age, therefore babies need to be at least that old before leaving our place, unless they are going with their mother.  All donkeys must go to good homes having at least some other suitable companion animal.  Donkeys are very much a herd type animal and a single donkey is a very lonely donkey.  Another donkey makes the best companion.

Our donkeys are all microchipped and kept up to date on vaccinations and deworming.  Hooves are  trimmed on an as needed basis, and are given a fresh trim before they leave for their new home.

In most cases a 20% deposit will hold your donkeys until you or your transport service can pick them up.  Full payment is required before they leave our place.

Our donkeys are sold with basic leading skills; they know how to trailer load, and most are started on walk through trail obstacles (if old enough).

All our donkeys are sold with:

  1. New halter and lead rope.
  2. Registration papers (or application for registration papers) unless otherwise noted.
  3. Health records – including vaccination and deworming records, as well as their microchip number (for identification).
  4. List of Basic Miniature Donkey Care.  If donkeys are intended for breeding purposes, then additional info will be included.
  5. List of Miscellaneous Donkey Care Tips, and a Donkey Supply List of things to have on hand for new owners.
  6. Our donkeys are trained with verbal commands that are useful for multiple purposes.  A list of the commands we use are also included to make the transition easier for both the donkey and their new owner.
  7. We are available to answer questions about your new donkeys if/when you have any along the way.


If you’d like to be added to our e-mail list, please go to the Contact page, and check the box at the bottom of that page.  This is a new feature we are offering starting in 2017.  Our intent is to use this e-mail list as a way to notify you when we have something donkey related we think you may like to know about. This e-mail list will not be shared with anyone else. If at any time you would like to be removed from our e-mail list, please contact us at: and we will be happy to remove you from the list.